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JAM Awards, Upcoming Shows, & More!

Hi there!I hope the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 has been full of happiness and new experiences/opportunities for everyone. I apologize for the amount of time that has passed since my last update. As always, things have been absolutely crazy!Here’s what’s new:Underground, my debut EP, has been available on iTunes for a few months now, and I’m pleased to say that I’ve been getting awesome feedback. I really appreciate you guys checking it out and letting me know what you think! If you haven’t already, please head on over to iTunes, type in “Rachel Miller Underground,” and give the previews a listen! Physical copies of the EP as well as shirts and accessories are available at’m stoked to announce that I’ve been nominated for THREE JAM Awards: Top 18 & Under songwriter, EP, and female act! To vote and to find more information about the JAM Awards, please check out and tell your friends to do the same! I’m absolutely honored to be among such talented nominees, and I hope you will take the time to check out their music as well!I will be performing (with Sofia Torres!) at Architekt in Butler on March 2nd, The Canvas Clash in Boonton on March 15th (rescheduled from February 9th due to the snow), The Blue Room in Secaucus on March 24th*, and The Stanhope House in Stanhope, NJ on April 18th (with AARON CARTER!). I will also be performing solo at the JAM Awards Ceremony on April 7th at the Jersey Shore Arts Center in Ocean Grove. If you want tickets to any upcoming shows, please contact me on Facebook (, Twitter (, or email ( *This past week, a friend of mine tragically passed away at age 17. The show at The Blue Room on March 24th will be a benefit show in his memory.If you’ve seen my videos on YouTube (, you may be familiar with the Blink 182 Medley Duet I performed with a friend last year. We are currently arranging our next medley, and it will be ready for you guys to hear really soon! I put up new videos all the time, so if you haven’t already, please check it out.As always, I’ll keep you posted as often as I can via Facebook and Twitter. I will also be running contests for free merch and tickets on Facebook and Twitter every now and then. Stay tuned!-Rachel 11/12/12Hey everyone!Just wanted to say that I will be performing at a benefit for Hurricane Sandy victims this Friday (November 16) at The Blue Room in Secaucus! This week, Sofia and I will also be taking the first huge strides into getting this EP ready for you guys! Within the next few weeks, I'll be finally sending out my first mailing list email to everyone that has signed up. If you haven't already done so, please check it out at the links above!Also, unfortunately the show at NY Cafe in Red Bank has been cancelled due to damages from the hurricane. So sorry about that. However, that just means December 15th will be that much more awesome!See you soon!-Rachel11/4/12Hi guys!I’d just like to start this little update by saying that my thoughts and prayers are with everybody that has been affected by Hurricane Sandy. I’ve been seeing and hearing some really tragic things over the last week, and am increasingly grateful every day that the storm has had no affect on me except for a few small inconveniences. Sandy has been a huge reminder to me to be grateful for what I have, to appreciate the little things, and to focus more on giving and receiving. Anyway, I hope that you all are safe.Now I’m going to address the elephant in the room: what’s going on with this EP and November shows. My appearances this November at NY Café and Championship Bar have been cancelled unfortunately. However, there are three shows coming up in December (this may change within the next week or so). Whether or not you guys have seen me perform live or not, I urge you to come on out December 15th at the Canvas Clash! It’s my very first headlining show, and because of this, I am planning on making it particularly special and unique for everyone that shares that evening with me. Tickets are available online at the following link: (, and if you do purchase tickets online, please make sure to let me know that you’re coming on my Facebook or Twitter (! I do need to keep track of ticket sales for this one.Anywho, back to the EP. After Sandy and all of the other crazy things that have been happening, I’m 99.99999% sure that it will not be ready for you guys this month. I’m really sorry about all of the delays, but I’m determined to do whatever I can to make this EP as great as I possibly can. Everything is kind of up in the air right now to be completely honest. I do have a release date in mind, but I do not want to say anything yet because of all of the different factors that are affecting the production. Thank you guys so much for your patience! I promise you all that it will be worth the wait. ;)I’ve been continuing to post videos on YouTube ( every now and then when I feel inspired (and I know that I owe you guys a requested cover video – it’s coming!). If you haven’t checked out my channel in a while, there’s a good chance that there’s something new there for you to hear, so please make sure to do so!Last weekend, I turned seventeen and celebrated my birthday with a new and unexpected lineup of musicians supporting and sharing the stage with me. As most of you guys know by now, I have been experimenting with different, fuller arrangements of songs with different live performers for a few months now. After a few unexpected changes that occurred throughout the Harvest Festival (which rocked by the way), I’m pleased to announce that I’ve finally found the missing element to my solo performances: not a full band -only a percussion princess - Sofia Torres! She rocks super hard. There’s nothing else to it. She just rocks. This is something you guys really need to see for yourselves to understand, so once again, I encourage you guys to come on out December 15th!!Okay, now for the gushy, sentimental stuff. This month, I am celebrating the very first anniversary of this solo project. Although it has been in the making pretty much since I was born, I didn’t get up the courage to really pursue my dreams like this until November of 2011 when my friends in Doomsday Diaries asked me to play with them one evening. That night was one that changed my whole life – the night that I decided to go out on a limb and sign up for The Break Contest. As you guys know, the rest is history.I just want to thank EVERYONE that has supported me over this last rollercoaster of a year, and that is continuing to make this journey one filled with joy, love, and really fun times. I could not have done any of this without you guys.Okay, I’m going to close this not-so-little update before it turns into a love letter. :PTHANK YOU GUYS for being a part of this. See you all soon!-Rachel9/5/12Hey there everyone!First of all, I want to apologize for the fact that I've been doing a really crappy job with writing updates on here. After Bamboozle, things have been happening at warp speed, and I've been super busy with gigs, writing, and lots of other stuff (including finally getting my braces off!!). Basically, I just want to update you with what's been going on here and what's coming up. I'm planning on keeping you guys in the loop on here with a lot more news updates and, as always, I'll be posting fun stuff for you guys on Twitter, Facebook, etc.The whole Bamboozle experience was so surreal. Getting the opportunity to perform at a festival where I had seen my favorite artists play for years was a dream come true, and I'd like to thank you guys again for helping me get there. Both sets I did were so much fun, and I had an absolutely amazing time!Since Bamboozle, I've been performing a lot more regularly. Some of you may know that I haven't even been performing as a solo artist for a year yet, and that Bamboozle was only my FIFTH gig since I started on this portion of my musical journey last November. (Needless to say, that was quite a jump from singing in the shower, hahaha!) Over the summer, I played a show just about every weekend and got to see lots of cool venues and meet lots of great people. Being able to share my music and experiences with you guys has been phenomenal, and there's nothing on this planet I love more than that.I've been working super hard on finally getting my EP out to you guys! If all goes well, it will be ready this November. It's definitely a far cry from the original demos I've been distributing at shows over the last few months. In fact, after switching around the order of the tracks, I realized that the EP tells a captivating story, and I'm super stoked to be able to share it with you.Another exciting announcement that I have for you guys can be found right at this link:!! I can't really tell you guys much about it yet, but in time, I'll fill you in on everything.I have a few more super exciting announcements that I actually can't say anything to you guys about right this minute. However, until then, I will keep you guys posted on Facebook (/rachelmillermusic), Twitter & Instagram (@heyrachelmiller), and YouTube (rachelmillermusic).Speaking of YouTube, I'm now taking requests for covers! Just head on over to one of my social networking pages (links can be found here: and let me know what you want to hear! Every time I hit another 100 Twitter followers, I'll put up a poll on my Facebook and you guys can vote on which requested cover you want to hear/see on YouTube! I may even add some of your requests to my live sets if I really dig the songs you guys choose.In closing, I hope to see you guys at some of my upcoming shows (link to gig dates here:, and will keep in touch with you on social networking sites, news updates on this page, and my mailing list (make sure you sign up at this link:! Can't wait to share more of this journey with you guys. Thank you SO much for the love & support. More news is coming soon!-Rachel5/16/12First of all, I'm SO sorry for the extremely huge amount of time it's taken for me to write a new news update. Things have been happening so quickly, and I've honestly barely even had time to sleep!As most of you probably know, I AM PLAYING AT BAMBOOZLE 2012!! For those of you who are wondering, held a contest to see which artist (out of hundreds) could get the most fans onto their site. Thanks to my crazy, loving, dedicated, loyal Millertary, I won the prize of a set at Bamboozle! I am beyond stoked about this. To make things even more surreal, after blink-182 dropped out due to an emergency tonsillectomy for Travis Barker (hope he gets well soon!), My Chemical Romance was chosen to be one of the festival's headliners! MCR has always been a huge inspiration to me, and performing at the same festival as them is such an honor and a dream come true. I can barely articulate how much I appreciate all of your help in achieving my goal of playing Bamboozle and how excited I am to see you guys at the festival next weekend! I will have Millertary shirts and demos (with three songs, two of which I'm recording this week) with me for you guys next weekend, so make sure to stop by, say hello, and grab some goodies!As always, I'll keep you guys updated via Facebook, YuuBreak, and Twitter as I prepare for Bamboozle and finish recording Johnny and Comfortable. Hope to see you next weekend!-Rachel 3/5/12Hey everyone!I want to start this newsletter out with a huge THANK YOU to everyone in the Millertary (cool name for us, right?) for all of the support, fun times, dedication, and love. Thanks to you guys, I played my best gig yet at The Stone Pony, and have progressed to the regionals of The Break! As soon as I find out details about the regionals, I'll let you guys know what's up!As always, I have a ton of big things in the works for you guys! Regarding the demo, it is currently being recorded, and my first single, CLAUSTROPHOBIA, will be released sometime this month!! Like I've said, I will keep you posted on Facebook and Twitter as often as possible.I'm also working on a logo and some merch! Not sure about exactly what I'm going to get (shirts, bracelets, hats, etc.), but it will be available soon!As far as Poetic Propaganda goes, for those of you that have been confused, we ARE back together, but we're not actively working on anything as of right now.Videos from yesterday's gig will be posted on my YouTube Channel ( at some point within the next few days.So, in conclusion, keep checking Facebook, Twitter, and this website for updates, as there are a lot of exciting things coming up for the Millertary in the next couple of months! Thank you guys again for everything. Much love to each and every one of you!See you soon!Rachel2/7/12Hey there guys! Sorry I haven’t posted on here in a while. The last month has been really busy. There are a lot of big things going on right now! I’m writing a lot of new material, and I’m working on the beginnings of my demo! As always, I’ll keep you guys updated on Facebook and Twitter as often as possibleAlso, I am trying to put up videos on YouTube of covers and other fun stuff as often as possible. In fact, I put up a video just yesterday! If you haven’t already, please check it out!LINKS: Twitter - Facebook - Youtube/RachelMillerMusicFinally, here’s a little update about The Break Contest:I will be playing at THE STONE PONY for Round 2 on MARCH 3rd!(The time of my set is to be announced)I am currently selling tickets to this show for $12, and if you want one, please get in touch with me via Facebook, or Email, or Twitter, or smoke signal, or whichever other method of communication tickles your fancy. If you can’t make it but you still want to support me in the competition, feel free to help me out by making an account at! YuuZoo is the official social networking sponsor of The Break, and social networking is 20% of my score for the contest. In order to help me out, once you have made an account, there are 6 fast and easy things you can do! 1. Add me as a friend at Write on my wall! Say hello or whatever you want. I’m very friendly. J3. Click the little “thumbs up” button beneath the video at the top of my profile. Each “thumbs up” counts as a vote, and these votes are very important!4. Join THE BREAK NETWORK at www.yuubreak.com5. If you want to see me play at Bamboozle this year, let everyone know as frequently as possible at The Break Network!6. Tell your friends to do the same!Thank you guys so much for all of the support and help. I really, really appreciate each click and wall post you guys do to help me out on YuuZoo. I really do have an amazing support system, and I’m so grateful to each and every one of you for everything.I love you guys!-Rachel1/10/12Hey everyone! Just a quick update about The Break Contest -I played at the first competition date of the year on Saturday and had the time of my life. Words could not express how grateful I am for my extremely supportive family and friends, and for the amazing opportunity that The Break Contest is. The Stone Pony is BEAUTIFUL, and the entire experience has been completely surreal.Thanks to all of your support, I have made it to the semi-finals of The Break Contest. I will let you guys know when this takes place as soon as I find out, but I know that it will include another performance at The Stone Pony!I'm so excited and so grateful! Hope to see you all back at The Stone Pony really soon!-Rachel1/3/12Happy 2012!Just a quick announcement:My set for The Break Contest will start 2:10 PM on January 7th at The Stone Pony!I hope that this new year will be healthy, prosperous, and enjoyable for everyone.-RachelBreak Contest Schedule (tentative for now)12/17/11Hey everyone!Happy Holidays! 2012 is around the corner, and a lot of big things will be coming with it for me.The first big thing is my website! This is my first news post on it. I'm really excited to have it up and running. There's a whole lot of cool stuff up on here, so feel free to check it out!Secondly, I've entered The Break Contest to play Bamboozle! The first show is on January 7th at The Stone Pony, so please come on out if you can! It's going to be a whole lot of fun. I'll post the time of my set as soon as I know it.Finally, I've been doing a lot of songwriting, and hopefully I'll be heading into a studio soon. Over the past few months, I've grown a lot as a musician and writer, and I'm really looking forward to showing you guys everything I've been working on!I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and a happy and healthy new year!Rachel

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