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Post-Sandy Update

Hi guys!

I’d just like to start this little update by saying that my thoughts and prayers are with everybody that has been affected by Hurricane Sandy. I’ve been seeing and hearing some really tragic things over the last week, and am increasingly grateful every day that the storm has had no affect on me except for a few small inconveniences. Sandy has been a huge reminder to me to be grateful for what I have, to appreciate the little things, and to focus more on giving and receiving. Anyway, I hope that you all are safe.

Now I’m going to address the elephant in the room: what’s going on with this EP and November shows. My appearances this November at NY Café and Championship Bar have been cancelled unfortunately. However, there are three shows coming up in December (this may change within the next week or so). Whether or not you guys have seen me perform live or not, I urge you to come on out December 15th at the Canvas Clash! It’s my very first headlining show, and because of this, I am planning on making it particularly special and unique for everyone that shares that evening with me. Tickets are available online at the following link: (, and if you do purchase tickets online, please make sure to let me know that you’re coming on my Facebook or Twitter (! I do need to keep track of ticket sales for this one. Anywho, back to the EP. After Sandy and all of the other crazy things that have been happening, I’m 99.99999% sure that it will not be ready for you guys this month. I’m really sorry about all of the delays, but I’m determined to do whatever I can to make this EP as great as I possibly can. Everything is kind of up in the air right now to be completely honest. I do have a release date in mind, but I do not want to say anything yet because of all of the different factors that are affecting the production. Thank you guys so much for your patience! I promise you all that it will be worth the wait. ;) I’ve been continuing to post videos on YouTube ( every now and then when I feel inspired (and I know that I owe you guys a requested cover video – it’s coming!). If you haven’t checked out my channel in a while, there’s a good chance that there’s something new there for you to hear, so please make sure to do so!

Last weekend, I turned seventeen and celebrated my birthday with a new and unexpected lineup of musicians supporting and sharing the stage with me. As most of you guys know by now, I have been experimenting with different, fuller arrangements of songs with different live performers for a few months now. After a few unexpected changes that occurred throughout the Harvest Festival (which rocked by the way), I’m pleased to announce that I’ve finally found the missing element to my solo performances: not a full band -only a percussion princess - Sofia Torres! She rocks super hard. There’s nothing else to it. She just rocks. This is something you guys really need to see for yourselves to understand, so once again, I encourage you guys to come on out December 15th!!

Okay, now for the gushy, sentimental stuff. This month, I am celebrating the very first anniversary of this solo project. Although it has been in the making pretty much since I was born, I didn’t get up the courage to really pursue my dreams like this until November of 2011 when my friends in Doomsday Diaries asked me to play with them one evening. That night was one that changed my whole life – the night that I decided to go out on a limb and sign up for The Break Contest. As you guys know, the rest is history.

I just want to thank EVERYONE that has supported me over this last rollercoaster of a year, and that is continuing to make this journey one filled with joy, love, and really fun times. I could not have done any of this without you guys.

Okay, I’m going to close this not-so-little update before it turns into a love letter. :P THANK YOU GUYS for being a part of this. See you all soon!


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