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Post-Bamboozle Whirlwind

Hey there everyone!

First of all, I want to apologize for the fact that I've been doing a really crappy job with writing updates on here. After Bamboozle, things have been happening at warp speed, and I've been super busy with gigs, writing, and lots of other stuff (including finally getting my braces off!!). Basically, I just want to update you with what's been going on here and what's coming up. I'm planning on keeping you guys in the loop on here with a lot more news updates and, as always, I'll be posting fun stuff for you guys on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

The whole Bamboozle experience was so surreal. Getting the opportunity to perform at a festival where I had seen my favorite artists play for years was a dream come true, and I'd like to thank you guys again for helping me get there. Both sets I did were so much fun, and I had an absolutely amazing time!

Since Bamboozle, I've been performing a lot more regularly. Some of you may know that I haven't even been performing as a solo artist for a year yet, and that Bamboozle was only my FIFTH gig since I started on this portion of my musical journey last November. (Needless to say, that was quite a jump from singing in the shower, hahaha!) Over the summer, I played a show just about every weekend and got to see lots of cool venues and meet lots of great people. Being able to share my music and experiences with you guys has been phenomenal, and there's nothing on this planet I love more than that.

I've been working super hard on finally getting my EP out to you guys! If all goes well, it will be ready this November. It's definitely a far cry from the original demos I've been distributing at shows over the last few months. In fact, after switching around the order of the tracks, I realized that the EP tells a captivating story, and I'm super stoked to be able to share it with you. Another exciting announcement that I have for you guys can be found right at this link:!! I can't really tell you guys much about it yet, but in time, I'll fill you in on everything. I have a few more super exciting announcements that I actually can't say anything to you guys about right this minute. However, until then, I will keep you guys posted on Facebook (/rachelmillermusic), Twitter (@rachmillermusic), Instagram (@rachelmillermusic), and YouTube (rachelmillermusic).

Speaking of YouTube, I'm now taking requests for covers! Just head on over to one of my social networking pages (links can be found here: and let me know what you want to hear! Every time I hit another 100 Twitter followers, I'll put up a poll on my Facebook and you guys can vote on which requested cover you want to hear/see on YouTube! I may even add some of your requests to my live sets if I really dig the songs you guys choose.

In closing, I hope to see you guys at some of my upcoming shows (link to gig dates here:, and will keep in touch with you on social networking sites, news updates on this page, and my mailing list (make sure you sign up at this link:! Can't wait to share more of this journey with you guys. Thank you SO much for the love & support. More news is coming soon! -Rachel

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