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First of all, I'm SO sorry for the extremely huge amount of time it's taken for me to write a new news update. Things have been happening so quickly, and I've honestly barely even had time to sleep! As most of you probably know, I AM PLAYING AT BAMBOOZLE 2012!! For those of you who are wondering, held a contest to see which artist (out of hundreds) could get the most fans onto their site. Thanks to my crazy, loving, dedicated, loyal Millertary, I won the prize of a set at Bamboozle! I am beyond stoked about this. To make things even more surreal, after blink-182 dropped out due to an emergency tonsillectomy for Travis Barker (hope he gets well soon!), My Chemical Romance was chosen to be one of the festival's headliners! MCR has always been a huge inspiration to me, and performing at the same festival as them is such an honor and a dream come true. I can barely articulate how much I appreciate all of your help in achieving my goal of playing Bamboozle and how excited I am to see you guys at the festival next weekend! I will have Millertary shirts and demos (with three songs, two of which I'm recording this week) with me for you guys next weekend, so make sure to stop by, say hello, and grab some goodies! As always, I'll keep you guys updated via Facebook, YuuBreak, and Twitter as I prepare for Bamboozle and finish recording Johnny and Comfortable. Hope to see you next weekend! -Rachel

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