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Demo, YuuZoo, Round 2, and More!

Hey there guys!

Sorry I haven’t posted on here in a while. The last month has been really busy.

There are a lot of big things going on right now! I’m writing a lot of new material, and I’m working on the beginnings of my demo! As always, I’ll keep you guys updated on Facebook and Twitter as often as possible

Also, I am trying to put up videos on YouTube of covers and other fun stuff as often as possible. In fact, I put up a video just yesterday! If you haven’t already, please check it out!

LINKS: Twitter - Facebook - Youtube/RachelMillerMusic

Finally, here’s a little update about The Break Contest:

I will be playing at THE STONE PONY for Round 2 on MARCH 3rd!

(The time of my set is to be announced)

I am currently selling tickets to this show for $12, and if you want one, please get in touch with me via Facebook, or Email, or Twitter, or smoke signal, or whichever other method of communication tickles your fancy.

If you can’t make it but you still want to support me in the competition, feel free to help me out by making an account at! YuuZoo is the official social networking sponsor of The Break, and social networking is 20% of my score for the contest. In order to help me out, once you have made an account, there are 6 fast and easy things you can do!

1. Add me as a friend at

2. Write on my wall! Say hello or whatever you want. I’m very friendly. J

3. Click the little “thumbs up” button beneath the video at the top of my profile. Each “thumbs up” counts as a vote, and these votes are very important!


5. If you want to see me play at Bamboozle this year, let everyone know as frequently as possible at The Break Network!

6. Tell your friends to do the same!

Thank you guys so much for all of the support and help. I really, really appreciate each click and wall post you guys do to help me out on YuuZoo. I really do have an amazing support system, and I’m so grateful to each and every one of you for everything.

I love you guys!


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