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The Break Contest!

Hey everyone! Happy Holidays! 2012 is around the corner, and a lot of big things will be coming with it for me. The first big thing is my website! This is my first news post on it. I'm really excited to have it up and running. There's a whole lot of cool stuff up on here, so feel free to check it out! Secondly, I've entered The Break Contest to play Bamboozle! The first show is on January 7th at The Stone Pony, so please come on out if you can! It's going to be a whole lot of fun. I'll post the time of my set as soon as I know it. Finally, I've been doing a lot of songwriting, and hopefully I'll be heading into a studio soon. Over the past few months, I've grown a lot as a musician and writer, and I'm really looking forward to showing you guys everything I've been working on! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and a happy and healthy new year! Rachel

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