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Along with performance/songwriting, I do offer private lessons in guitar, bass, piano, voice, ukulele, composition, music theory, and performance.  I offer in-home lessons for students in Bergen County, NJ, and Skype lessons for students elsewhere. Testimonials from students and parents are available beneath the contact form below. Please feel free to send me an email via the form for details regarding rate, schedule, or any other questions you may have. Thank you! 


Thank you for your email! I'll respond as soon as I can.

"My 9 year old daughter has been taking lessons with Rachel for almost a year. I am beyond impressed with Rachel's teaching ability. Do not let her young age fool you. Rachel is an amazingly talented musician, and she is truly a gifted teacher. She is able to keep my daughter interested and eager to learn. We look forward to music lessons each week and I am thrilled with the progress that my daughter had shown under Rachel's instruction!"

- Tracey

"In March of 2014, I began guitar lessons with Rachel Miller. I was apprehensive to begin this because I had prior experiences with music teachers and none of them were pleasant for me, but every day, I'm glad I did it. I'm glad I did because she had more patience with me than any other teacher had. We started off slow, with simple anatomy of the guitar and eventually got into harder things like bar chords.It was completely up to me how fast or show I wanted to go with it, and for that reason, every time I left a lesson, I knew one more useful thing on the guitar and came out a better player. She made it easy for me to learn, but hard for me to fail. She would make me do things over and over until I got it right, even when I wanted to give up, but whenever I needed a break, we took it. Today, I can play the gutiar well, and I'm more aware of the pitch of my voice. Overall, I was made better at what I love to do because of her. I can learn pretty much any song I want to because of her. Lessons with Rachel are definitely worth your time and money."

-Brianna, age 18

"I started taking private tutoring music theory lessons with Rachel in Fall 2015. I was expecting it to be a few sessions only and to just go over basics, but I wasn't really sure what to expect when it came to her teaching methods. I can honestly say she makes the lessons super relaxing and not intimidating if you don't know something. Rachel is so understanding with students. She takes into consideration what students want to learn and is able to communicate with students in a very understandable way. Very down to earth, easy-going teacher, and makes sure you understand the material. She has no problem going over more than once or twice. Rachel makes it known that she wants you to understand and have a full grasp on the material, for it's just as important to her that every student is learning and benefitting from her lessons. Rachel Miller's lessons are worth every penny and are super affordable, highly recommend it!"

-Randy, age 23

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